Thursday, January 13, 2011


Thanking my lucky stars.

I don't know how well broad casted outside Australia the Queensland Floods were but we are right next to the thick of it.

Thankfully we live in a unit, on a hill, next to the Brisbane River. If Mr. Ovum and I walk 500m in any direct from out unit the road was under and many homes were flooded out.
We lost power for about 2 days, that's it. We are very, very lucky.
On the night of the floods with the power out we had a cook up with all the neighbours, drinking all the wine that was going warm, cooking up all the meat that was defrosting and having fun.
Just heard on the news that the iconic boardwalk is currently floating down the river, nice. Brisbane will be cleaning up for some time to come. I am impressed by the statistics that only 10 people have been charged with looting (out of over a million).
Off to work and if thats closed to go clean up - Obiter