Friday, April 22, 2011

To Moot or not to Moot?

Chances are I will be mooting in a few weeks time, only this time I intend to not forget co-councils name...

Because I am lazy and sub-headings negate the need for actual thought and effort here goes:

Property Law A:
The content of this subject is very, very new. We are learning how to apply the Personal Property Securities Act 2009, that comes into force in October 2011. As you can imagine there is very little in the way of helpful text books, it is just a case of sitting down with the relevant sections and focusing so hard you get a nose bleed. 6 pages of notes later and I might be able to bumble my way through a question.

All going well, however there was a change to the subject plan and this week and I did tute work for next week. This means I am sitting in a tute with no idea what is going on, as tute participation is weighted in marks I was not deterred from having a crack at the answers (power point slides and half baked noted on the lap top screen)it got to the point where the tutor made the comment 'In Equity any action can be boiled down to un-consionability'. To be fair, when he asked a question and no body answers, after long periodnof silence is when I offer my 1c (2c would be giving myself far too much credit).

Other Degree Subjects
Last week I had to do another literature review, I hate lit reviews. So bloody much. The other subject is an even bigger joke, 7 1,000 essays (now if you have between 4-6 questions to answer, that's not an essay right?) and one 3,000 word essay at the end (which will be an actual essay). What exactly is the incentive to show up to lectures and tutes? None.

The Cackle Berry
I hate being a chef. The idea of cooking for the rest of my life makes me immensely sad. My new Sous Chef (has the job because I declined) attempted to make my life miserable and get me fired. Jokes on him, now the Head Chef wants him gone ASAP.

On the bright side at the very most I have under 400 shifts left in a commercial. Yes that is more than a year but it is far less than a life time.

Property Law assessment needs my attention - Obiter

P.S will have another article soon, just have severe writers block

Monday, April 4, 2011

When will I get my life back?

The answer .. at least 11 more weeks, then I go back to Lucifer's Corner Office ... that still does not feel like getting my life back.

On the bright side my self induced pity party was over just as fast as it started.

Lately it feels like I am getting to the swing of this whole law thing. Still spending hours upon hours in the library however these hours are more and more productive. This is of course only if I don't spend too much time in transit telling myself I study better at uni/home (depending on where I am at the time).

One of my good friends is a super high achiever, gets the kind of marks that most of us only wish we could (granted they are still learning the fine art of being smart without being a smartypants). Somehow the conversation came around to stress and how it impacts each of us. It was interesting hearing how this high achiever felt much the same as the rest of us did, it really drove home how we really are all in the same boat.

Today I turned in my equity assessment. This assessment was group work orientated, I can not believe what a dream is was to work with those students. We also had to write a reflective summary about how we dealt with conflict. I think we may have 'missed out' on an intended learning experience by having dedicated group.

Pot is only on simmer right now, but I can see the hand ready to crank it up to boil - Obiter