Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh I studied Law for a while...

Yesterday I went to the beach with Mr. Ovum and a group of friends that were joining up with an even larger group of people at the beach. Beyond getting fried despite layer upon layer of sunscreen that looked and felt more like the face paint mimes use then sunscreen, I met some law students. Law students that decided not to complete their degree, this get me worried.

I have a history of starting things and not finishing them (such as my apprenticeship)and I worry this may be one of those things. To punctuate this point my Uncle dropped off a futon lounge to my house when I was at work. Uncle Snag proceeded to tell Mr. Ovum that he did not think I will complete this degree. While upsetting that he thinks so little of my commitment it is understandable.

ON WORK: I work as a chef at a Comedy Club we will call the Cackle Berry. I like working at the Cackle Berry however as it is getting close to Christmas the pressure is on. I stupidly befriended the Head Chef in lighter times and therefore cannot vent on facebook so here goes.

1# If your unable to cook 4 sauces in 8 hours while the other 2 chefs runaround like idiots pulling our weight and your slack - Get out of the kitchen

2# You are not the only one under pressure, we have 200 schnitzels, 30 platters of breads with 3 dips and 40 Cesar salads to make....from scratch, go open another packed of portion controlled steaks. If your whinging about opening these steaks or attempting to delegate it out so you can have another smoke - Get out of the kitchen.

3# Yes the Grill is an old broken piece of crap bought of E-Bay under the illusion that someone was not selling for that reason. If it breaks call someone. Whining and throwing a tantrum like a poorly behaved toddler will not cause the pilot to spontaneously start working, calling someone will. If you can't make this connection - Get out of the kitchen.

4# Many chefs have a healthy addiction to smoking weed, you used to do it before work and were easy to work with. If you decide to change the menu, that's your prerogative. If changing this menu creates more work and and higher degree of focus resulting in you not being able to ride a high though the day- suck it up. you did it, not us. If your going to snap because you cant have your joint - Get out of the kitchen

5# Yes upper management sucks, no they are not after you personally. You are not the only person who suffers in a hot kitchen without a/c in the middle of summer after 30years in a commercial kitchen this still shocks you? - Get out of the kitchen

6# I had 'secret squirrel' dinner with the boss a month ago, I was offered your job. I turned it down because of Uni. Last week after another of your mind snaps that you direct at me because you assume I wont retaliate I went to the owner and checked that I can tell you where to shove it and still have a job elsewhere in the Cackle Berry. If you think that picking on someone becuase you think they wont tell you to fuck off is OK - Get out of the kitchen

7# Your Old - Retire already and stop making us suffer.

Feel much better with that out of my system.
` Obiter Ovum

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I must face it and admit it - I am a geek, until recently I was under the impression that I was semi cool. Not super cool but mildly. The illusion was shattered for me this year, C.U records and pod casts all their lectures. Beyond inducing me to never ever attend a lecture unless already at the campus for a tute or Out Of Home Procrsatiation O.O.H.P (because when your at home you don't study so you go to Uni under the impression study will happen there, but you dont). While I am sure this habit is O.K during the semester but I think I took it to far yesterday when I downloaded not just all the 1L subjects (they where already on it) but some of the 2L subjects too.

My reasoning: I am pretty sure that things don't sink into my dense skull as fast as it does for other people, listening to a lecture in advance gives me a chance to feel comfortable with the material and take some of the fear out of it. Even if I don't understand it. If somehow I start Torts knowing the difference between a battery and an assault - bully for me.

The downside: You have dreams about torts and cases that you don't understand.

Today the C.U made the units for semester 1 2010 available for enrollment, this also opens the book list tab... it should have come with some kind of waring like such as:

**remove children and the elderly - possibly your mother, as the language cuased by excessive book prices may offend**

1L books will set be back close to $600. Thats more money than I make in a week. At least my book case will look cool.. right.. tell me that I am right.

Enrolling also gave me an idea of how little time I will have next year, As an Egg in the big wide world not mooching of Mother and Father Egg as many of the younger people at C.U are this Egg has to work. But this was to be expected.

~ Obiter Ovum

Monday, December 7, 2009

Waiting to be boiled - the prelude

To make a Law Egg you need the following


1 X Almost not quite qualified Chef
4.5 years of spare time
1 x supportive partner
a large dose of sarcasm
1 x half baked idea that I could do law

Be insulted by peers because you do not have a degree
Enroll in Carton University
After successfully completing one year of law related degree move into double degree with law

Results: One Egg and a long journy to higher education.