Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slimy note feind (SNF)

A history of note feind.

last year: In first semester SNF asked if we could get together for a study session around exam time. Being the social person I am we found a time to catch up. After SNF copied all my notes he rushed away without reciprocating. I felt used. Not good used, the bad kinda dirty kind.

In second semester it happened again. I am a sucker.

This year. I received many calls from SNF asking if I could send him my notes for assessment "I will change the answers and stuff so that they are different" Na Ah - twice bitten, third time shy. As a kept finding ways out of it he eventually got the hint.

A few weeks ago he was at the study desk asking some (most likely moronic) question about the library exercise. He saw me and asked "I don't mean to be rude but, have you put on weight?"... Yeah that's the way to get other people to help.. asshole.

Moments ago: He was buddied up with another guy asking questions non stop.

Now if your in law school and are going to try and squeeze an answer for every question without using your own brain, how are you going to function in the big bad world where have to think for yourself???

SNF is an insidious leech and it bugs me.

It is Wicked Wednesday, so back to study for contracts - Obiter

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A pleasent supprise

Since moving out of home I morphed into Martha Stewats lost son. The I started law school and that shot to hell faster then a mobidly obease kid eats a cup cake. Mr. Ovum doesn't 'do' house work (somehow I found myself in a 1960's relationship without the plastic everything, the ugly kitch crap and the 1960's)

I came home and:

1. The house is tidy
2. Dishes were done (not put away but baby steps)

I suspect this is the doing of the new housemate, but I am not complaining.

Thus I can justify reading my fav blogs and avoiding study, I did however manage to make up a case templte to organise my case notes as postit notes on the pages in the casebook works only when they stick to the case.

Contracts still suck - Obiter

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Issue? what issue?

Its Wicked Wednesday again.

I spent 10 hours maybe more on contracts this week. After hours and hours of outlining and study I attempted the seminar questions. Fail.

I am missing soo very much. I get the issues everyone else misses but the blatantly obvious ones i.e was there acceptance I just totally miss. Its depressing. Eye of the tiger now playes before and after that seminar. AAARGHH *slams shell on desk*

And all the courts Clerks and all the courts Associates couldn't put Obiter together again.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


That soul sucking void in the earth where culinary optimism goes to die? before tonight I had never been told to put lime in the holindaise, Chef Past It then went on a 20 minute rant about me not reading the menu and that I should read it... I managed to not go though the menu and highlight everything else that missing on it he neglects to mention. Other than, just great.

Well... I did not hate myself after last class, that's an improvement...

Criminal law.
My tutor enjoys the slow roasting or sacred students. probably deserves a blog of its own.

*insert attempt at wit here* - Obiter

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fall From Cullinary Grace.

I disgust me.

I am a chef by trade, and even on my most slack days if I dont want to cook I will make a simple sauce from scratch, using dried herbs if I must.

As law school has become pretty much all consuming my Mr. Ovum who untill recently had not stepped inside a Wollworths for over 18 months has been sent to gather food. While he tires it ends up being mostly junk food (because I just don't buy chips, sodt drink, biscuts ect..). This results in having almost nothing to work with in the kitchen.

Tonight after spending too much time reading blogs and avoiding work it hit me that dinner should be done soon (if it was just me I am all for cerail for dinner). Well I cant be assed tonight. Beef Stoginoff from a jar it is! First meal in 2 years that will be served in this house from a bottle. Mr. Ovum better hope it is crap, 10 minutes to cook a meal.. wow, all those mums could have been on to somthing all this time. It could start a trend.

Popping the jar - Obiter

20 minutes later - Yup that was nasty, pouring it out of the jar it was a plasticy stream of brown sludge, there is this weird after taste too...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eye of the tiger.

It is Sunday and I am still getting over Wednesday.

Some people hate Mondays, I hate Wednesdays. Wednesdays are contracts days. I hate contracts.

On Wednesdays at 8:00pm any confidence that had built up over the week while studying the contracts text book is systematically torn down. In all my other classes I can keep up and if I have made a mistake I can locate where the fault in logic is, not in contracts. After contracts the walk to the train in spent hating myself, feeling grossly inadequate and doubting my decision to move to law.

So I get home, pour a glass of wine. Turn on eye of the tiger and keep slogging at it.

- eeeeye of the tiigerrr obiter

*I will survive is also on the *don't give up* play list.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Criminal nosebleeds

I am an class 'A' dipshit, why?

Because I followed the 'recommended pattern for Other Degree to Law transition' classes. Effectively this means that I am doing a 2L subject with my 1L subjects. This 'transition' is also recommended for graduate entry students.

Criminal law is the offending subject. I spent most of my Sunday in the Library at Carton University's arts campus (you know, the degrees that mostly revolve around narcissistic goals like arts, music, dance and so on. The type of students that need to be kept far far away from the more traditional business, engineering and law type students hence the different campus) because it is driving distance and on a Sunday parking is easy. I then spent 5 hours with big ugly books and a case list.

It's the case list I have an issue with. 1L subjects we are handed the cases, spoon fed, they practically make aeroplane noises as they hand them to us cooing 'incoming'. Second year apparently its a cold, cold dose of reality, hunt and kill your own cases. Now this is supposed to be preceded with learning workshops and skills building in 1L to get us ready for this 'transition'. What happens when you have a case list a mile long and no fucking idea how to find them?

1) Dump case list in bin and give it up as a poor taste joke.
2) Stare blankly at westlaw and lexisnexis and wonder why there is no results when you type the case in the 'citation' box
3) Wonder why you pay $300 for a 'casebook' with none of the cases in it, hit head with book and try again.

(asking a Liberian is pointless they are not law library staff and give you a ' sorry but how the fuck should I know look')

I managed to get some of the cases, in fact I am quite chuffed I managed to get cases outside the Australian jurisdiction at all. So I went home an consoled myself with some Torts study, at least with Torts I don't feel like my yolk has been hard boiled rendering intelligent though impossible.

The learning curve is 90 degrees baby.. Obiter

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Carbolic Smoke what??

Oh Oh Oh look at me!!

I have a pure breed gunner in my contracts class. Some brave sociologist should attempt to study this creature in its optimal habitat - the center of the tutors attention.

I will even give them a head start.

Habitat: Gunneris Contratcis is a recluse, he only ventures out of what ever grime filled hovel he habitates to attend a lecture or tutorial. This is only because in such places he can get called on to show his idiot savant like abilities.

Diet: In short breaks this specimen runs to the closest vending machine for chips, pork rinds or likewise greasy food. While nobody has seen him eat a meal it is safe to assume it is high fat, greasy and processed. This can be deducted from the thick grease stains that cover his laptop and give off a high sheen effect in the class lights. It has been observed that Gunneris Contratcis will insert all each finger into his mouth to make sure every last bit of nasty has been licked clean from each digit.

Social likes: Gunneris Contratcis loves the sound of his own voice, this is amplified when his voice is talking to a person of academic authority.

Social dislikes: Not being the center of the Tutors attention, especially if hand has been raised for exteneded period of time without being called on. This is evident from the red coloring and angry atmosphere around Gunneris Contractis in such a situation.

Mating: The plumage of Gunneris Contratcis is dull, dirty and probably smelly (I am not game enough to get close enough to find out). Until this specimen graduates and convinces some unwitting female they are worth procreating with in exchange for bright shiny things, there is little hope for sexual conduct while in lawschool.

Now to the mountain of homework - Obiter

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So this is it hey

Umm wow the last week has been intense.

It is like some sort of ritualistic hazing, personally i would prefer all the tutors and professors to line up with spank boards and have a whack to get it over and done with.

If I remeber correctly this feeling of panic and general feeling of dispair did not arrive untill mid to late semester. Everything is just so new, and I feel soo very stupid. I get feeling a little slow from time to time but reading the same passage over and over and only having the smallest bit make it into my head if frustrating. Man I hope this is newbie nerves.
Gonna go Squich - Obiter