Saturday, December 15, 2012

Again I have been thwarted by technology. I wrote a post on the iPad and promptly lost it on the blogger app. Winning. Results came out a few weeks ago, passed everything and got a sole credit for Principles of Sentencing. Meh, I am just happy I never, ever have to sit another Corporate law exam. The corporate law exam has to be my worst law school experience to date. We had to answer two out of the three given questions. Choice it always nice, however, after reading the first paragraph of question no.1 it was clear I had no idea what they wanted, so I was pretty much stuck with questions two and three, not really a choice. The first question I did was pretty straight forward, sure I missed stuff but I hit the main points. Then came the mother of all head benders. It was broken up into part a and part b, no problems there, actually part b was all about agency, I was all over agency as the moot I had just completed contained an agency issue. I had more or less neglected all my studies to moot to the Law Exam gods I owe a thank you for the moot/exam cross over. Then came part a. Now it looked simple enough until the problem was qualified with something along the lines of ‘do not consider Part XYZ of the Act’. It was at that point I kind of lost it. In the morning of the exam I looked at my 3,000 page Act and thought ‘I won’t need that’ BUZZZ WRONG! Yes I know, how can I think I would not need the Act for the subject taught on it? Well, I had notes, no need to bring in extra stuff I never look at any way! The point the story is I eventually worked out what part of the Act I was not supposed to apply, leaving me with absolutely nothing to say. I spend 30 minutes looking at my notes, the paper and then my stark white exam booklet with only my name on it. All this while everyone else around me was furiously pouring out all their knowledge on to the paper. For those of you who have sat a law exam, to stop writing for even a minute it petrifying let alone half a freaking hour! That was the longest 30 minutes of my life. It is summer holidays and yet again I will be in the library studying for a moot. This moot has been a challenge from day one. A fellow mooter and I decided to do this moot alone, without any assistance from the law school, then when we asked if they wanted to help it all went to shit. It was on then off, funded then unfunded, then it was sponsored then un-sponsored. In the long run the law school is giving their assent and giving us a coach but it has to be self-funded. When we started this we had plans to approach law firm for sponsorship, I am confident we could have made this work but the law school put a swift halt to that. At this point the gap between the ways and means of my fellow law students became clear. All 5 of the members had family that are funding their trip. All but me. The joys of being a semi-mature age student. Then a member of the team did something out of the blue. She paid for my flights. Never has an act of kindness like that happened to me before. I will pay her back, slowly, but it will happen. I will find a way of passing on that kindness to someone else as I know that will mean more to her than just repaying the money. I will find a way to do just that. The team is holding a fundraising dinner for me. I feel so blessed and loved. I have so much more to catch you up on so I guess I will have to post again shortly 