Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to it.

I am going to give this iPad another chance to come up with the blogging goods. As you can see my last post looks like an unedited hunk even lacking paragraphs. It did not look like that when I pressed 'post' but I am holding to my not so strict rule of not editing once I press publish.

The Christmas season gave me a well needed break, however I am now a little bit behind in just about everything. 2,000 words on a civil procedure paper due in 12 hours, I have yet to put pen to paper but the reading is done and I am confident about where I want to take the paper. Moot meeting in 2 hours that I am overwhelming under prepared for, such is life.

Over the last 3 weeks I have out together about 60 applications to be a judges associate, I guess this well be a test of wether I was right in playing to my strengths by focusing more on the practical aspect of the law with mooting and working over academia. We will see. The plan 'B' is to finish on time in stead of earlier and do PLT at the same time, this will mean I am admitted sooner. As such I am not stressed if I don't get a position, either way it pans out I am happy with where I am going.

I need to re-check my degree progression but I think I have only 3 law subjects left, the remaining are other faculty electives (can we say creative writing 101!) and the Justice Degree I have been treating like the unloved child. The law degree has been the focus of my time at uni with the other degree often being ignored. That's a little exciting...

Well I think I have got the juices flowing enough to get into this assignment.

Keeping with the practice of being a bad law student - Obiter.