Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Results are are

I just logged into my uni account, marks are out. I have completed and passed a law degree. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

So close to the finish line...

Tomorrow I sit what might well be my last ever law school exam. I have not allowed myself to think about graduation. What if I pass everything (if I was to tell you this is person I would have a death-grip on something wooden)? If I do, it will mean the end of this leg of the journey. It feels as if it has taken forever and sped by at the same time. 

I remember the moment I decided upon law. I was living in country town with Mr Ovum, for some reason lawyers came up and he said 'I would make a better lawyer than you', it was pretty much game-on from that point. Shorty after I called my mother and suggested I would study law, her reply was "law is awfully hard and has lots of reading..." she was not trying to dissuade but understandingly sceptical about my commitment. 

To be fair, I never completely allowed myself to believe I would finish it due to my poor track record of sticking at things. I guess the slow plodding nature of small goals, such a assignments, semesters and exams all moving at a glacial pace towards the finish line contributed to my continued enrolment. 

In the past five years I have studied; 44 subjects, sat 8 exam blocks, been on four competitive moot teams, mentored students, been elected to the LLS, made a significant number of friends and called the Dean Darth Vader in a comedy debate. I have squeezed every experience I could out of my time here. 

It is looking like I might have until the end of 2014 planned out until I have to answer then dreaded 'what next' question..