Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Slimy Note Fiend calls again

To those of you who don't know who SNF is see here.

Yesterday he called me:

SNF: Just a quick question, is law school harder than Justice?
OB: Umm yeah.. It's law...
SNF: I am about to fail a subject by 1% so I sent an email to the unit co-ordinator teller her she marks to hard.
OB: Your Brave.

(This woman is S C A R Y, picture little old lady meets Attila the Hun)

SNF: I know, she told me I am an insolent arrogant man with limited understanding of the subject matter. I am taking this higher.
OB:... Good for you?
SNF: So is law black and white with minimal wank? What is it like

At this point I stared to tell him about contracts and the pain that is associated, I managed about 4 words.

SNF: Just the bullet points, I don't want a story.
OB: Yeah it is hard, 3x the work.

SNF: OK, I have a lawyer friend that said (I stopped listening about here)
OB: OK see ya..

The path way I used to get into law was the same as this SNF, only I am yet to fail a Justice unit (Other Degree for those who read my other incoherent ramblings). Justice and Law share one common subject Foundations A, now this subject is no walk in the park but it is by far easier than the other law subjects. The subject he is talking about is a very very liberal, go hug an indigenous type subject, I hated it but I still see the value in it. And to fail at it is kind of pathetic (1st year 1st semester basic subject). A few months ago we had another phone chat:

SNF: Hi OB, just a quick question, how many time does it take you to read a case?
OB: Sometimes once, mostly a few times, depends on the principal and who wrote the judgement.
SNF: Hmm, must be just me who only needs to read them once. See ya.

SNF IS an arrogant, obnoxious, rude pest.

I do hope he gets into law, and gets accepted at the bar if only for one selfish reason, I would love come up against him in court, it would be so, so, so, much fun.

I have to pack, tomorrow I am travelling to the outback to see family. Lucky me... - Obiter

Friday, June 18, 2010

Holliday rant

I am about to finnish another of Anne Rice's wonderful books.

This got me thinking about other books I love, such as the Inheritance 'Trilogy' you know the one they made the fist book into a move called 'Eragon'.

When I start reading I become a devouer of books, if I start reading a series I chose that series becuase it was finnished and the story has an ultimate conclusion. I am angry. Two years ago I finnished reading the third book in a trilogy, instead of ending it will be concluded in a fourth book. That book has yet to be released, named or maybe... written? Its been two years.. not happy. On the other hand my Father is an avid fan of the 'wheel of time' series, the author died before he finnished the last book, talk about letting down a fan base.

Ke$ha has a song out about 'sending a dirty picture'... Great now all those tweens will be out there 'sexting' (regardless of age this is an indictable offence under legislation criminalising child pornography) good one ke$ha...

Back to my book- Obiter

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How do I celebrate end of exams for the semester?

Had my final exam for the semester, how do I celebrate?

Drinking myself into a vodka induced coma? No.

Dancing all night? No.

I purchase fiction, Anne Rice to be exact (still beats Stephaine Myer for beautiful vampires any day, vampires in sunlight? WTF!?!) curl up in a ball and read for hours, drinking up every un-law related sentence.

This. Is. Bliss. How I have missed fiction so.

Crim exam went like this:


I think I at least passed. Don't want to wear a wig anyways (I am lying).

Blissed out in fiction - Obiter

Monday, June 14, 2010

A case of the exam crazies

The last few weeks have been intense.

Mr. Ovum and I had a fight over rice... RICE! That is how stressed out I am.

I remeber reading all these law student blogs before uni started, I was actually excited about going through this... if I could just slap Obiter of 5 months ago, I probably would..

so this has been the experance so far:


Holy shit that was crazy, the day before was spent going though every piece of legislation and case law. I think I performed OK on the day of the exam. Many people I spoke to did not finnish the questions. I managed to get most of what I wanted to say on the paper, this leads me to the conclusion that I must have missed something, pretty sure I know what it was. We shall have to wait and see. The massive hand cramps get a mention too. My hand at one point looked like it belonged to a thousand year old man with arthrits, even tried to write holding the pen differenly to subdue the pain - fail.


After spending large amounts of the Q&A book all the semesters work kind of fell into place for me. the Q&A book had some total nuggets of gold for particular issues. At the very least I think I would have passed.


THANK GOD for past exam papers and aswer guides. Over the last 7 years the questions asked had not differed in the content required. I still think some of the answer was a little 'shot gun' but I think I showed an ability to work through the majority of the question in a structured manner. However, the essay question was a freaking nighmare, 'judges have the power to make law though their decisions, should judges have the power to do this? why?' sigh. I think my answer should have started with 'I forefit any marks available though this answer due to a demonstated abililty to dribble incoherent verbage on paper'.


Last one, still to sit it. The pre exam freak out will commence shortly.

I have a date with the criminal code - Obiter