Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Its started again.. and I am drinking vodka and reading fiction

Week 1 = lazy me

I have stuff to do, I will do it tomorrow I PROMISE!

Foundations B work is due next Wednesday, normally I would do it the moment it was open to do, I can't be assed.

The head chef is on holidays so I get to work full time this week, as well as study. I have a rule: If you go to Uni though the day and work at night for 8 or more hours, you get the night off. That, and I started a book BEFORE the start of semester so I figure I am allowed to read it. Guilt free.

Tonight I had a run it with the new manager (I used to do his job, he is clearly crap at it) who walked into the kitchen in the middle of service and demanded a steak. I started with being nice, he just back chatted me. Now I am not an angry chef, I am a cool tempered nice guy but there are rules 1. If your in the kitchen - Do exactly what the chef tells you 2. Chef's wear the buttons, no matter where you are, your in our way (I think this is fair, a chef is a tradesman, everybody else is more or less an unskilled worker, harsh but true) 3. NEVER talk back to a chef. This new manager broke all three rules at once so I told him to 'get the fuck out of the kitchen now!'

For the first time in 11 years in hospitality got a speaking to by the owner (granted, he was clearly just going though the motions doing the 'boss' thing, pretty much telling me I was right, just to use a little more tact). The Cackle Berry is starting to get old, how long until I can work in an office?

The faster I finnish this book, the faster I can do real study - Obiter

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

School is back, Mr. Ovum has OCD..

Nothing much interesting as of yet, only had one lecture and one tute.

However, unlike last semester with the tutor who embraced the role of judge the way a 5 year old loves dress up's, this semesters tutor is a real practicing barrister. So very laid back and easy to be in the room with (seriously, last semester this lady would strike fear in the hearts of her students). Instead of making us do the 'call over' he explained what it is in the real world why and how is works, far less intimidating.

Mr. Ovum is back from Europe, in the 3 1/2 weeks he was gone I forgot how obsessive compulsive he is. I am going to trail a new method of dealing with it, I am going to pretend he really does have an undiagnosed case of OCD, and as such a mental illness can't really be helped but more understood...

Going to move the phone cord an eighth of an inch to the left - Obiter

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Homo Drama

Not a law related post, skip now if thats what your looking for. Also apologies for the vodka fuled spelling, grama and rambing, safe to say if I was telling you this there would be much slurred speach.

A breif history:

I am gay
So is Mr. Ovum
As is Mr. Ovums brother (nature not nurture damn it)
Been with Mr. Ovum for almost 3 years (like a trillion in gay years)
I am out, my family accepts Mr. Ovum as one of us (one of us, one of us, one of us)
Mr. Ovum's family have no idea..
Mr. Ovum is in Europe without me (bitter much?)
Lil Mr. Ovum just told his family

Now Mr. Ovum is ulta conservitive, when they say 'reasonable person' at law school I think 'what woud Mr. Ovum do? and scale back about three thousand points. Mr. Ovum's fsamily took it pretty bad. For years I have been telling Mr. Ovum (drunk typing takes effort herefore Mr. Ovum will be called MO). This bad reaction is likely to result in MO not telling his parents.

Why does this matter? We can't move forward in our lives together. Not that the laws regarding gay adoption in my state are not archaic enough (there is a defence of 'homophobic provocation' in the code WTF!?!) among other things without his family knowing we can only be so free to live out lives.

Lil MO beat him to the punch, he grew the balls and came out. He has been with his current boy friend for all of three minutes, and as such felt the need to come out. Meanwhile our stable relationship will be over shadowed by the second son being gay, MO's mum is/was a nurse, should she not know better?

Why does loving who you love need to be such a big freaking deal.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I live on the 3rd story of a unit complex, it's currently being painted.

I work until late at night, so I like to sleep in.

This morning I woke up to some one on the balcony, figured it was a painter. He started to knock on the window to my room and the lounge room to get me to move my stuff (no consent, not the front door... trespass anyone..?). I am quite fine with this, they have a job to do etc.etc.

I had a cup of coffee from last night sitting on the futon arm, this is my LAST coffee cup (I have systematically broken the rest). He broke it, not a big deal, whatever.

What really got me is how he dealt with it. Picked up the pieces and launched them over the side into the garden. Wow that was brazen.

I Owe, I Owe so its off to cook I go - Obiter

Marks are out.

I have neglected to post for no other reason than I can't be assed - It's hollidays, don't judge me.


Marks are out, the day they were posted the only reason I knew about it was some girl ranting about her High Distinction on face book (this girl is nice, and she is super bright.. however at every opportunity she tells anyone who will listen about her marks and I swear her voice gets higher when she does it so more people can hear). My marks were:

Torts A = Credit
Meh, better then a Pass I guess.

Crim = Pass
I passed? really? really really?

Foundations = Credit
I did sooo much work...

Contracts = Credit
Now over all this was the highest credit, WTF, I HATE this subject, I am a smoker again because of freaking offer and acceptance.

Trip to Dubbo (Outback)

I had to do it, I am glad I did it, ecstatic it is over.

However I did learn some interesting local terms

Saddle Frigger: The country guys that come into the big smoke (yeah for them this nowhere town is the city) in their expensive country clothes (just looks like fallenett to me) big boots and belts for a night on the piss before they go back to the farm. Apparently they like to fight.

Buckle Buddy: The chicks that seek out the Saddle Friggers for a night in the hay. Need I say more?

O.K so I have a fairly woggish last name, I know how to pronounce Italian, what I don't get is how some of my relatives (who have have same last name) pronounce it Iiii-talian emphasis on the IIIIII. Seriously.

Mr. Ovum's trip to Europe

I miss my partner (insert 16yr girl old, twilight fan style emotional babble here). On the bright side I think I am getting a real Italian leather wallet woot!

I like wine. I also like comments. Leave me one. - Obiter