Thursday, September 12, 2013

Accounting exam

Do you remember being in maths class and typing 80085 in your calculator to make it spell BOOBS? Just writing that sentence I realise you can't make a calculator spell... Well, had I done that for an hour in my accounting exam it would have had the same impact on my marks as the answers I gave. 

Poor Mr Ovum, crazy Obiter from first year law is back and it's worse. It's math this time. He totally supported and encourage me to take the accounting class. It's all his fault really. So much so I felt the need to call up and yell at him for making me take a class that will probably put back my graduation. I am a being of total rationality. 

This year I am on the student team of the comedy debate. I have some absolute gold. 

To scared to begin the count down - Obiter