Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I must face it and admit it - I am a geek, until recently I was under the impression that I was semi cool. Not super cool but mildly. The illusion was shattered for me this year, C.U records and pod casts all their lectures. Beyond inducing me to never ever attend a lecture unless already at the campus for a tute or Out Of Home Procrsatiation O.O.H.P (because when your at home you don't study so you go to Uni under the impression study will happen there, but you dont). While I am sure this habit is O.K during the semester but I think I took it to far yesterday when I downloaded not just all the 1L subjects (they where already on it) but some of the 2L subjects too.

My reasoning: I am pretty sure that things don't sink into my dense skull as fast as it does for other people, listening to a lecture in advance gives me a chance to feel comfortable with the material and take some of the fear out of it. Even if I don't understand it. If somehow I start Torts knowing the difference between a battery and an assault - bully for me.

The downside: You have dreams about torts and cases that you don't understand.

Today the C.U made the units for semester 1 2010 available for enrollment, this also opens the book list tab... it should have come with some kind of waring like such as:

**remove children and the elderly - possibly your mother, as the language cuased by excessive book prices may offend**

1L books will set be back close to $600. Thats more money than I make in a week. At least my book case will look cool.. right.. tell me that I am right.

Enrolling also gave me an idea of how little time I will have next year, As an Egg in the big wide world not mooching of Mother and Father Egg as many of the younger people at C.U are this Egg has to work. But this was to be expected.

~ Obiter Ovum

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