Saturday, June 25, 2011

Umm...Friking WOW!!

In the try outs for the different moots (outside of the just the uni comps) I only ticked the box for one HUGE moot beacuase 'hey, can't hurt'. I honestly believed there was 0, Zero, Nill, Null, None, Zip chance of being considered for that particular moot. I can't believe it. I have been nominated to represent my Uni in the Jessup Moot. The Ganddaddy of international moots.

I am so excited right this second, however I am well aware I have some seriously crappy times ahead with this moot...


Property Law A
I think I did OK. Only time will tell.

Loved the subject, the exam was pretty good. again only time will tell

Other Subject
This subject was multipule choice, need I say more?

Can't sit still, what an amazing opportunity - Obiter


  1. That's brilliant news! No wonder you're thrilled! :D

    I only ever had multiple choice questions as part of my postgrad LPC exams. Curiously, multiple choice test questions have hit the headlines in the UK recently because of the complete lash-up that tens of thousands of GCSE and A level students had to contend with when certain questions and the 'corresponding' choice of answers in their exams didn't marry up! Exams are traumatic enough without examiners setting impossible questions.

    Oh well - I bet you don't have to suffer with incompetence like that down under! :-)

  2. Good onya! That's a great opportunity, I'm really happy for you!