Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jumping Jessup

Jessup owns me

If I am not in the library working on the migraine that is Jessup I am at home thinking about how I should be at uni working on Jessup. Even my dreams have been pervaded with dreams of pleading tables, international law and how grossly under prepared we are.

Uni Results were released, I passed… just, actually 2/3rds of the year failed trusts but then they bell curved it and I only passed by 1%. That freaked me out quite a bit, usually I get great marks but this was a terrible experience I never want to repeat.

I know where I went wrong, I assisted in court for a few weeks full time in the pointy end of semester and worked extra days through SWOTVAC (because I was asked to). However I don’t think I would change it, the actual hands on experience was worth it.

My pitiful marks:

Trusts: Pass

Property B: Pass

Policing diversity: Pass

Crime Prevention: Credit

WTF! A credit for crime prevention? Two assessments where all I did was 2 days before it was due was look at the power points briefly, check the criteria sheet and then start bullshitting… what a joke.

Christmas was good, until I went to Mr. Ovums house and was introduced as the ‘house mate’, four years and they still don’t know, they should but they honestly don’t. Mr. Ovum plans to tell them in the next few days that should be interesting to say the least…

I have been voted onto the Law Student Society as a competitions director for 2012, if nothing else it should be lots of fun. Out of 40 something votes I got 30 something. All the people vying for the position got up and spoke for 2 minutes on why they should be elected. I had nothing prepared (why so surprised?) spoke about how much I enjoy mooting and how this excitement would come through in how I went about by position. It worked.

I find all the good things that have been happening to me a touch funny, you see these things were never supposed to happen, not to me. I am not a stellar student, I procrastinate and never sew myself being ‘one of those students’ but here I am. Trying to keep it together and not have it all blow up in my face in a spectacular manner.

Back to the mind rape that is Jessup – Obiter


  1. Now that the comments seem to be working this time, I can say thanks for the update. Your life sounds really interesting right now. When's Jessup coming up? Good luck for it.

    Congrats also for being elected competitions director. Just don't be uptight or a douche (*cough* like my uni's witex director) and you'll be right, haha. Its not unusual that good things happen to you, you're just too self-effacing! Book learning and academics doesn't make a good lawyer, your experience and mooting skills will take you way further.

    Finally, I can't believe Mr Ovum still isn't out yet. Oh, well, guess that's what its like living in a backward state like Queensland :P

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  3. I often think there are very few points awarded for style when studying law - it's all about surviving the trauma. Well done! :-)

  4. Hi guys! :-) Comments do seem to be working right this moment, I often go to comment on your blogs and it has a hissy fit (thinking this might have somthing to do with the iPhone).

    Marlowe: You need to post more too! I love reading your blog, I get all excited when I see you have posted (see: getting a cup of coffee and slowing enjoying every line)!

    Michael: You are like this amazing comment wizard, how do you get the time to comment on every blog you read? I know it makes writing a blog worth it when people comment. In a gentle way you are probably responsible for many, many blawg posts out there :-)

  5. "amazing comment wizard" ... I like that! :-)

    It's simple really: I rely on google reader for keeping up to date and email notifications for new comments which are left. The rest is down to me sneaking a peek over my RSS feed subscriptions as and when I get chance during the week.

    I also twigged very early on in my 'blogging career' that comments are important. It opens up the dialogue between bloggers, encourages people to more, and it helps drive readership for me too. So it's very much a win-win situation! :-)