Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NYE and more in spurts

OH SHIT!: What happens when there is a blockage in the bottom unit of 6 units? Poopwater spills out the sink - that's what. Will upload a pic soon. Had to move rooms, that was not such a big deal. Living with Mr. Princess going on and on an on about it was.

CSI: Gold Coast City.
On the power walk back to the unit from the club we passed a crime scene, the boulder the park name was inlaid on was smeared with blood. not a little bit of blood. We are talking about the kind of blood that you see in a B grade horror. Turns out there was a stabbing - the victim will be OK.

The long walk: before Mr. Ovum and I arrived at the coast with another couple we called ahead and booked 6 tickets the HAD to be picked up by 5pm or they will not be held. When we had arrived at the hotel the group consensus was that we should walk to the club and pick up the tickets, this decision was biased on the google earth map telling us that we were a mear 3kms away from the club. Google map LIES!. After walking for 40 minutes at a brisk pace we had only 20 minutes to get to the club and quite some distance still to cover. We ended up power walking the remaining distance only to discover that the club was shut and nobody could give us our tickets. not impressed. After a brisk conversation with the manger *steve* we were told out tickets will be waiting at the door until we arrive.

NYE: The club was ok, actually I lie - the club was crap. One drag queen looked like she escaped a fat camp in a leotard with leopard print leg warmers, it was just that hot. I would like to attribute my appalling dancing to the amount of vodka consumed but that would be a lie, I would embarrass myself in that manner without the help of vodka.

all caught up. A special thanks to the cyber crickets that read this blog.
Obiter Ovum


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