Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Other Degree VS Law


Other Degree: Hope you manage to find your first lecture OK, no special orientation.

Law: Extensive welcome, tour of faculty and campus, COCKTAILS!!

Printing of exams

Law: You press 'send' and some lackey at the law faculty gets to print them AND staple them before handing on to markers.

Other Degree: Print them off yourself*

Text books

Law: $1,180 for years' text books.

Other Degree: $300 for the whole year.


Law: Library is the LAW LIBRARY

Other Degree: Law library is considered our library too... you just feel like an impostor.

Cost in total.

Other Degree $17,574 (a new car)

Law $35,440 (a nice new car)

My double degree $39,490 (a cheap BMW)

I am not sure who wins this one, we will have a closer look next year.

*One lecturer answered the question "do we have to hand in a hard copy?" to which the lecturer answered "Yes unlike the law school we do not have the money to pay someone to print and staple your essays"

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