Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Take your jollies where you can find them

It's all about getting your happy points where you can find them.

On my last post I mentioned just how much I love my calender, it is not a fancy printed one, it is an A4 piece of paper with numbers on it. It makes me happy.

My Nan sent me some cash for my impending birthday. I feel guilty that she sends me money, as a pensioner money is tight, especally with 6 grand kids and 6 great grand kinds. I am almost 24 (31st Oct) But that is niether here nor there.

For the last few weeks people have been asking ' what would you like for your birthday?' and my answer has been 'a cork or white board'. Nobody takes this seriously. So thanks Nan!

I am a bit bummed out about by birthday this year, it is the day before a massive exam. The week before and the day of will be consumed with torts and crim study, so no socailizing for me :-( BUT NOW I HAVE A CORK BOARD!!! So it's not so bad.

Getting em, where I can - Obiter
p.s see the book prop? best $15 ever spent.


  1. Great cork/white board - it's a good size, too. I had one in our previous place but haven't got around to putting it up here (and we've been here a year!!)

    Nice to see your desk/computer arrangement. What happened to the screen on your laptop? :-0

    Good luck with your exam! :-)

  2. Hey!

    Interesting posts! Just curious...where did you buy the book prop from?
    Looks handy.

  3. Hiya, thanks for the feedback! I got the book prop from a newsagency (a really, really big one).

  4. Really?! I can't seem to find anywhere selling book props haha! Maybe I'm not looking hard enough...

  5. Maybe give Amazon a go? Or Staples / Office Depot? ;-)