Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scotch and Coke STAT!!

I survived 1L law. There were tears, tantrums, hissy fits, bouts of depression and massive highs. My last exam was a few days ago but I had to go straight to work afterwards and then for the next two days more hellish work (this time of year sucks as a chef).

After the last exam there were no fire works, no streamers came down at the end of the exam, no wild wooting and 'yee haaas' we all just filed out somber and a little dazed. So here is how it went.

Foundations B:

Yup, this subject is shit. What I mean by that is, a computer biased course does not lend it's self well to a paper exam. If I thought that printing 'print screens' of all the legal databases was going to help I would have. Stupid freaking exam. I think I did OK though. It is beyond me why they don't just give you 2 hours in a computer lab with social media restrictions enabled. Grrr.

Contracts B:

Meh, I think I did alright. My exam prep was a little off, I planned for 3 questions not 2, big difference in exam preparation method.

I get my marks on the 29th, this time I think I will try and withhold from obsessively checking the blackboard until then (yeah, as if).

So, on Tuesday I start at the firm for three days a week unpaid work experience, from henceforth it will be known as 'Lucifer's Corner Office'. I am not overly thrilled about starting, has allot to do with the no payment bit, hopefully it will put me in a better position for a paid placement next year.

Somethings I plan to post about over the holidays:

- A prayer for law students pre exam (don't freak out, it will be tongue in cheek)
- All about Lucifer's Corner Office
- No doubt I will need to vent about the stupidity that is the Cackle Berry over Christmas.

I have some serious drinking to do - Obiter

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  1. Yay - huge congrats on surviving! :-)

    Hope your work experience placement turns out to be good, even though it won't be putting money in your pocket at the moment. I'm sure it will help do so in the long run, though!