Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I have traded due dates for deadlines

So LCO does not suck. In fact I kinda like it.

The people:

Generally a good bunch of people. I am still quite shy and quiet (that will change), so there is not heaps of interaction. They find the partner signing off Y.S instead of Yours Sincerely an absolute RIOT, if this is what your sense of humor is reduced to after law school I am not sure I will last long in the industry. I am starting to work out who to skive work off and who to avoid like the plague 'there is a man, that man has a cat, find me the neighbours brothers dog,' - I looked at Curls and asked if that was it, apparently it was. Uh Huh.

Pretty sure the universe does not want me there, or at the very least wants to make it as freaking hard a possible. I am a grub, not intentionally dirt just launches at me. Because of this I know that I should get changed into nice clothes as close to the moment I walk in the office as I can. I drove to the office nice and early, about 2 hours early. When time to get changed rolled around I want to a gazebo like thing in a park and changed my shirt, on the way out I missed a step. My right ankle snapped. The language I used would have made a sailor blush. My foot ballooned into my shoe, but like a trooper I just hobbled my broken ass into the office and tried to look enthusiastic instead of putting it up on ice and staying off it. Thank goodness it was not broken or fractured (I hope it is not fractured). I can thank years of working on a kitchen where if you are injured there is a few hard and fast rules.

Is it bleeding?

Yes - Put a bandage on it, put a glove on the bandage. Get back to work.
No - What are you whinging about. Get back to work.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to Mr. Ovum that I can't wait to work in an office where there is less chance of doing serious injury to myself. Then the optimist that he is Mr. Ovum pointed out "yeah, but knowing you, you will spill your coffee over very important original documents". A very good point. My office cup is a travel mug, you know, a sippy cup for grown ups.

My car is a total B O M B, so I have to leave for work really, really early. It is so early my car is the only one on the road that is not a ute. It is kinda sad that I am up with the tradies, however I have my morning routine down to a fine art now. Everything is ready to go, the coffee and sugar is in the travel mug, bag is packed, lunch is made and clothes are ironed and all on the one hook. I have even gotten to the point where I have sewn little loops of thread on the inside of my socks so than when they are rolled up with my unides I can hang them on the coat hanger to. That is how much I hate mornings.

Tomorrow I have LCO followed by a shift at the Cackle Berry, I hate Christmas in hospitality - Obiter

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  1. Oh no!! That's awful. :-( Hope your ankle recovers quickly.

    And don't worry about the bad language - an ankle injury gives everyone a dispensation to be a potty-mouth! :p

    My first job was in the kitchen of a local hotel so I know all about the "grin and bear it and get the hell on with it" routine!