Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Are you an Aussie? - Do it, you know you should. Unless you spent the last 10 years as a little nipper then a Life Saver, DO IT!

Not an Aussie? Should you ever find yourself here on one of our beautiful coasts, SWIM BETWEEN THE RED AND YELLOW FLAGS!!! These mark the patrolled area of the beaches, should you find yourself drowning, in a rip, not able to get back to shore these wonderfull trained surf professionals will be there to help. No Flags = No Swim.

Today at the beach some silly woman went out too far in an un patrolled and almost got smashed against some rocks. Why? becusase she was not swimming between the FLAGS!

Do it peole, DOOO IT!!


  1. And keep an eye on the flags, because a rip can push you down the beach out of a patrolled area.

  2. That's good advice! I grew up on the coast of Cornwall in the UK where lifeguards patrolled and used the same flag system as you mentioned. Any swimmer who strayed outside of the flags got a stream of abuse screamed at them over the loud hailer or even fished out by a grumpy lifeguard.

    I think there's still an active lifeguard exchange programme between Australia and Cornwall...