Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is supposed to be a relaxing time of year

Working 60 hours a week means weekly blogging takes a back seat.

LCO: I am bumbling through the work. One moment I am reading a text book for next year because I have nothing to do and the next I am bombarded with so much that I know so little about. I seem to be doing O.K I noticed a letter I drafted about IP was sent to the client with the solicitors name on it, so I guess I am not a total waste of office space. Curls offered me a paid position in the new year, I suspect it will pay so little that it won't make financial sense to take it on but here's hoping!

Most of the tasks I have been given have been law related or procedure related, at the moment I am all too happy to give anything a shot and I seem to find the right track and get an answer, except last Wednesday when Glummy (this guy has been around so long he saw Australia declared as 'Settled' ) gave me something to do...

The task was researching the procedure taken to create a subordinate legislative instrument, not too difficult right? 'When was XZY S.L Gazetted?' the parent statute set 0ut that any S.L must be the Gazette. The Definitions set out 'Gazette' to mean ' The Gazette' not helpful. So after an hour or so searching and getting nowhere I went to another Clerk and still no result, then I went to the Himbo (graduated but not yet admitted) but still no success or even a point in the right direction. After another hour of fruitless searching, file in hand I went back to Glummy, when I explained the issue and asked for a hint he looked at me like I kick small animals for the fun of it. Asshole. I still don't know where to find the Gazette - this bugs me immensely.

Marks came out..

Contracts B - Distinction
Torts B - Distinction
Crim B - Credit
Foundations B - Credit

Overall I am pretty stoked about my marks, especially since I never stepped inside a lecture theatre (lectures are pod casted) and they were better than last semesters.

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  1. Yay... well done for the great marks you received! :-)

    And that's also great news about the paid position you've been offered and your letter being sent to a client!! You've every reason to feel 'stoked' with all of that!