Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to pushing shit up hill.

Uni is back on and is starting to gain momentum.

Assessment is not due for a month or so but as per usual getting started early because last minute essay writing and research sucks!

Recently ran into a past Jessup competitor and they have me freaking out! I am going to have a coffee with him in a few days so I can pick his brain. Still freaking out about it.

I entered into a Client Legal Interviewing competition with a great friend (we did the first year moot together) I am feeling pretty confident about our chances, this probably means we will be total crap. Looking forward to it nonetheless, at least the preparation involved is nowhere near the epic amount that needs to be invested into a Moot comp.

For one of my subjects I need to write a reflective journal on that weeks’ topic for the next 13 weeks. The Subject is Policing Diversity. I will be posting it on here. Maybe it will generate some discussion? Or totally alienate all 5 of my readers… Hi Michael! *waves*

My old man is a cop and my policing subjects have provided hours of discussion and debate. The best has been about policing discretion and how it is used, he is convinced there is no such thing… I could not even begin to wrap my head around how he can make such a statement. For that subjects’ final assessment it was an essay on whatever policing subject I wanted. I chose police discretion, not just because it is an interesting area but was guaranteed to tick Dad off. It was only after reading about the different theories of police discretion did I see where he was coming from (and still totally disagreed). I am hoping this subject will do the same.

And now I have Trust study to do.


  1. I'm sure you'll do fine in the competitions! I did mooting in my first year but the whole team thing didn't work out so well and the other two members both decided they didn't want to do the second moot and we had to forfeit. From then on it's been near impossible for me to find a partner but I wish I could get involved with it again! And just think how great it'll look on your resume! Especially Jessup!!

  2. Hi there... *waves back* :-)

    ... don't worry - you've not alienated any of your readers (and I'm sure you've heaps more than 5!!)

    'Policing Diversity' sounds like an interesting one... there's an apt case study here in the UK atm with the riots!! (It's grim out there!!)

    I like the idea of a 'reflective journal'... I wish we'd had the opportunity to create one (then again, from your perspective, it's just something else to squeeze into an already over-crammed schedule!!) :-(