Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MMM the universe does like to mess with me.

About the same time as put the feelers out the got me the job at Lucifers Corner Officer I had other tendrils in other pies. The second one was never going anywhere and I never had any expectations for it. A few months ago a got an email from a work mate who knew someone who knew someone, you get the drift a very long shot... the email was about a position that may come up in the distant future.

Then two weeks ago the friend of a friend called me and told me to email the partner of a Glass Tower firm. So I did, immediately. A week went by and I had heard nothing, not a thing so I called the Barrister and asked if I should follow up. Apparently he had been out of state and I should wait a little longer as he was back on Monday. So my hopes were up again (give me a 1% chance and I WILL go for it, I am a total optimist – do I belong in the legal profession?) and Monday was a long day full of compulsively checking my iPhone.

Tuesday I tweeted about loathing the idea of another Christmas in hospitality, 10 steps further and I got a call from the partner. The interview was set for the next day however he said it was probably not what I was looking for, still he said ‘probably’, still hopeful. Expecting to fuck it up or for it to be above my station but hopeful nonetheless.

After waiting what felt like an eternity in the reception the partner rushes in takes a cursory look at my resume and asked about my availability. By some strange luck there was a full time position filled by a part time student who could not work on the days I can!

The position is as a Mention Clerk and Researcher / Brief Writer – THE DREAM LAW STUDENT JOB (for me anyway).

I got told to RUN to the courts and chat to my new boss. Yup I was told to run… I think this was his idea of fun. I can cop that. I ran.

I start tomorrow.

However the universe often charges me a price. Today my iPhone and wallet was stolen. This opportunity is so incredible having my crap stolen does not really faze me.


  1. Great news re. the job but what a pisser having your iphone and wallet stolen!! Thieving bastards!! :-(

  2. Yeah congratulations! I'm VERY jealous of your job and hope I can find something similar, though without the running. Running isn't a strong suit of mine and I can only imagine the catastrophic series of events that running in heels could cause.

    I'd be pretty annoyed if my iphone was stolen, but that's just because i'm still paying for it and knowing my phone company I would still have to continue paying.