Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tanked it.

Deeply angry with myself.

I had an interview with a Supreme Court Justice to be their associate next year. I tanked it, the questions I was well prepared for were answered in the most vague and evasive (unintentionally so) manner. When thinking about the questions I kind of just sat there and smiled like an idiot before launching into some stupid blither about who knows what.

I feel like I have cheated myself out of an absolutely amazing job. I will probably be beating myself up over this for some time to come. Hopefully , and this is taking the most generous view of the situation, if the Supreme Court thinks I am worth a look then maybe I have a shot with the District court.

Every time I think about it I want to punch myself.

What an idiot - Obiter Ovum


  1. I would try and say something positive, but I know what a bad interview can feel like - consolation is repelled like water off a rubber glove in those situations.

    (Still, ... maybe it wasn't as bad as you thought?...).

  2. Just spent a few hours reading your blog. Love it...very genuine and quite interesting even though I am not a law student.