Thursday, August 15, 2013

Accounting 101

Under 12 weeks until the end of the law school journey. I embarked on this process skeptical as to wether or not I will see it through. I have a long history of giving up and moving on to the next thing. How else could I have been a chef, real-estate agent, mortgage broker, direct sales man and other minor roles?

With only a few weeks separating me from the biggest achievement in my life it is almost a certainty. Almost. I am not going to jinx it! 

I will be able to look back on the last five years and smile, I have enjoyed the large portion of my time at university. The highs such as getting on the Jessup moot and the moot itself, the lows including a almost total breakdown over understanding contracts. Good gracious part performance and warranty law have left deep scars on my brain. 

I have become accustomed to being faced with challenging concepts and working through them to understand and apply the law. This semester to push myself I decided it was a good idea to take accounting 101. I am such an idiot. 

I think accounting is more frustrating then first year law. I hate numbers, I hate math and I loath accounting logic. Numbers posses a deep black magic that strikes terror into my brain. After hours and hours of attempting the same fucking problem the answers are not correct. This is driving me bat-shit. At the end of this semester I am going to follow through with lighting a fire and feeding it the devils work that is the accounting text book. One page at a time. 

My shift as a market researcher (telemarketing without the sale) is about to begin. I was feeling pretty pissed off about my situation until a lady mentioned she has a masters in criminal law and starting a PHD is also working here. At least we can hate the job market together. 

Balance this you fuc*#r - Obiter 

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  1. Congrats - finishing law school is a massive achievement! :-)