Friday, August 2, 2013

Last semester

Been a while... So much has happened. 

The Moot: 

It happened, under a series of events I did not end up speaking in the competition I spent thousands of dollars on and many, many hours away from my loved ones and partner. In addition I missed out on two further interviews for positions as a judges associate. I will probably always be bitter and twisted about that. Still, it was an amazing experience that I would do again in a heart beat. 


As is my custom I passed everything, not a credit in sight. I would have failed two subjects had I not fought the justice school at the third level of appeal for remarks. Fighting for marks is not something I thought would be a common theme in my degree, thank goodness for my legal education! 

I can't help but wonder what my marks would look like if I did not spend so many hours on the multitude of extra curricular activities in the LLS? There are those super human beings that can maintain superb marks, work and study. I am not one of them. However, if I were to do it again I would not change a thing. 'Giving back' through running competitions, peer mentoring or mooting have been the highlights of the last 5 years. 


Shortly after returning from mooting in Europe I was made redundant. The job I was supposed to graduate evaporated into thin air. Consequently I am working in a call centre and at the door of the Cackle Berry. Not ideal, actually it sucks. A lot. Years ago I had a motto that encapsulated how my life seemed to work 'when I am low I always bounce back higher than before', we will see if this remains true. I have something quite exciting in the works... When the papers are signed I promise to tell you immediately. 

Last semester:

I am on the home stretch, 11 weeks until I am finished my law degree. Last semester I finished all the requirements for the Justice Degree, it was only a week after the last exam did this dawn on me. There was no excitement only the small feeling achievement. As much as I value my Justice degree, the real prize is the law degree. 

With only one law subject left I have taken various electives from other schools. As a requirement for a popular fiction subject I get to read Tarzan, Twilight and The Hobbit. Warm happy feelings fill me every time I read curriculum enforced fiction. To balance out the finger painting subjects I am taking accounting. Math is a evil, wicked nasty thing. You can't argue with pure logic, 1+1 will always be 2, no matter how hard your argue. 

Perhaps I might just blog again before I graduate - Obiter 

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