Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NO FU*#ING WAY! - Slaming head on the panic button

It happened, it never happens to you when you hear about it.

You know how teachers always go on about saving your work in multiple places? Ever thought "yeah I know, I know move on to something interesting.." It happened.

I do save things in on desktop AND on my USB. Yesterday my pc caught some kind of PC swine flu and died. Mr Ovum (thank God) is a IT nerd so managed to save the actual PC however my user and all my stuff not so much.

Only about 1/2 of my work was saved in a safe place, and even then it was not updated. Last week I sent my contracts and Torts notes to the cackling Magpie so that was safe *sigh*.

However my criminal law outline that was the result of hours and hours of tears, frustration and pain is gone, all gone.


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