Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little wins and a pile of 'to do'


I have before me a glass of wine (not so much a galss as a cup, not so much wine as goon, to put goon in a wine glass would just be plain wrong) and toasted cheese, tomato chuty and smoky BBQ sauce sandwiches. Yum.

After weeks of trying and hard nose to grind stone criminal work today it paid off. Last time the tutor asked me a question i mumbled something incoherent and hoped she would leave me alone, no such luck more questions and more stupid answers. Today not only did I have the answer, when I went diving for it, it hit me that I could recite the law and apply it to the facts with a valid conclusion hooray!

More 0f those little moments are happening more often too!

The heat is on, assessments are due and time is short. I have cut back my hours at work much to the disapproval of work, but hey if they sack me it might just be the prompt needed to get out of there.

Need more wine - Obiter -It would seem a few of the people that read this blog are from the states so this is goon. Also youtube 'goon of fortune' - A tonne of fun.

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