Monday, April 12, 2010

Tests, Tea, Trannies and Cake

Hollidays are over, back to it then.

Tests: I had my first test for law school today (multi choice). Pretty sure I did at least O.K. To all those law students with iPones and Ipod touches - Quizlet app... best flash card app ever! download it now. really do it right this second.

Tea: I went all herbal and bought 'power' tea today, that in it's self is not funny. How the serving girl spilt it all over the dirty counter is not the kicker. When she proceeded to scrape the tea off the bench and back in to the container seal it and sell it to me was. This girl was all 'I am just so clumsy (which I can understand)' so I felt obliged to nod, sympathize and buy my 'counter power' tea.

Trannnies and Cake: I have seen many, many drag shows but this one has got to be the best. The dance floor is cleared, a tarp is laid and a single chair is placed in the middle. The super trashy Queen from a small outback town in snake skin tights and too tight boob tube holding a 'Coles go green canvas bag' walks onto the stage.

The bag is placed on the chair, the room goes quiet. I will always love you starts to play, as she winds up to the big Ballard part she reached into the bag and pulls out a big creamy sponge cake and screams/mimes AND IIIIIIIIEEIII WILL ALLLWAAAYS LOOVE YOOOU!!. Plunges a fist into the cake and crams it into her mouth, then starts to throw it across all the clubbers.. people has their faces smooshed into her fake boobs and cake.

There was cream and sponge from one end of the dance floor to the , cake was flung at every one at the front of the show- Best show ever and my mind kept creaming battery, battery, boleti non fit injuria, battery! Is staying to watch the show after the first cake flinging implied consent?...

Now I just want cake - Obiter
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