Friday, June 18, 2010

Holliday rant

I am about to finnish another of Anne Rice's wonderful books.

This got me thinking about other books I love, such as the Inheritance 'Trilogy' you know the one they made the fist book into a move called 'Eragon'.

When I start reading I become a devouer of books, if I start reading a series I chose that series becuase it was finnished and the story has an ultimate conclusion. I am angry. Two years ago I finnished reading the third book in a trilogy, instead of ending it will be concluded in a fourth book. That book has yet to be released, named or maybe... written? Its been two years.. not happy. On the other hand my Father is an avid fan of the 'wheel of time' series, the author died before he finnished the last book, talk about letting down a fan base.

Ke$ha has a song out about 'sending a dirty picture'... Great now all those tweens will be out there 'sexting' (regardless of age this is an indictable offence under legislation criminalising child pornography) good one ke$ha...

Back to my book- Obiter

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