Monday, June 14, 2010

A case of the exam crazies

The last few weeks have been intense.

Mr. Ovum and I had a fight over rice... RICE! That is how stressed out I am.

I remeber reading all these law student blogs before uni started, I was actually excited about going through this... if I could just slap Obiter of 5 months ago, I probably would..

so this has been the experance so far:


Holy shit that was crazy, the day before was spent going though every piece of legislation and case law. I think I performed OK on the day of the exam. Many people I spoke to did not finnish the questions. I managed to get most of what I wanted to say on the paper, this leads me to the conclusion that I must have missed something, pretty sure I know what it was. We shall have to wait and see. The massive hand cramps get a mention too. My hand at one point looked like it belonged to a thousand year old man with arthrits, even tried to write holding the pen differenly to subdue the pain - fail.


After spending large amounts of the Q&A book all the semesters work kind of fell into place for me. the Q&A book had some total nuggets of gold for particular issues. At the very least I think I would have passed.


THANK GOD for past exam papers and aswer guides. Over the last 7 years the questions asked had not differed in the content required. I still think some of the answer was a little 'shot gun' but I think I showed an ability to work through the majority of the question in a structured manner. However, the essay question was a freaking nighmare, 'judges have the power to make law though their decisions, should judges have the power to do this? why?' sigh. I think my answer should have started with 'I forefit any marks available though this answer due to a demonstated abililty to dribble incoherent verbage on paper'.


Last one, still to sit it. The pre exam freak out will commence shortly.

I have a date with the criminal code - Obiter

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