Friday, February 4, 2011

Dog paddling in the deep end

Lucifer's Corner Office is doing my head in. But I am enjoying it.

I am very lucky, I am being exposed to various areas of law and been asked to do things far beyond what I singed up for. I am being sent to court to watch (carry stuff) and sitting in on some client meetings.

However, I am not sure if I can handle it! I am the only clerk for two associates, the solicitor, council, and the principal. Being the legal bitch for five lawyers is interesting. I have no idea how to prioritise 6 tasks all marked 'URGENT'.

Every time any of the above people think 'I wonder...' or 'I need ZYX..' even 'A letter to XZC needs to be drafted for ABC' I get an email. It is too much for me to do in only 2 days 2.5 days and moving into 3 days (still working at the Cackle Berry as LCO only pays $16 an hour..soo not enough to live on), this Saturday will be spent in the office attempting to knock out as much as I can before the next round of work starts.

On the other hand I am learning who to get work from and who to avoid. For example, Curls (the partner) only gives vague instruction I kid you not this is how it went.

Early morning: Got an email asking me to find a document in the file (file is 5 volumes)

Morning: Sent email to associate, document not in existence (now I had looked, looked, walked away and looked again before sending that email)

Late morning: Told to look for different documents, note and take to Curls.

Afternoon: Noted documents, sent email to Curls, what we were looking for was not there.

Evening: Email from Curls telling me to read transcript looking for - - - (yeah no idea what I was looking for).

Early morning: Read transcript, meant nothing to me.

Morning: Curls tells me to read x case. 'x' case does not exist either so to be safe I read 'A','Y' and 'Z' case.

Afternoon: Gave summary to Curls, Curls asks where is the letter I was to draft?


That just pisses me off. I suck it up, ask what letter and get given more instructions. That letter (no idea what I am supposed to say and to who) is one of the reasons I am going in on Saturday.

Other times the Associate will open with 'this is a highly procedural and technical part of the law' only for Curls to walk past and tell me again how easy this document is to screw up. Yay.

Its fun, but so demanding. I am only supposed to be there part time, but even when I am at home I find myself working on stuff and thinking about it.

About to use on a project for Curls - Obiter

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