Monday, February 28, 2011

Minor Panic Attacks

I have little heart palpitations when I look at my weekly schedule. I have painted myself into a ‘I can do that’ corner. Between the chef job, the clerking and classes I have about half an hour a week to do everything. It is probably more than that but when I look at the calendar in outlook plus my normal commitments I doubt it.

Realistically if it all becomes too much I will have to drop the job at the firm, they just don’t pay enough to compared to the Cackle Berry. I would prefer not to do that.

Occasionally the solicitors either send me into court to watch a case or invite me along to watch. Watch being the key word. Last Monday I was tagging along to watch an application to the court. When it was the solicitors turn to do their thing he got up and went to the council table, I just sat there like a good clerk. When he got there he pulled the other chair out and beckoned me to sit with him. Very cool. I got to sit with council in court in front of a judge in a live matter. See why I really do not want to give that up even if it does pay peanuts?

I am now a Torts Student Peer Mentor – I got it! I am going to be let loose on 25-20 students each week to help them understand torts, without giving them any solid answers. This will be interesting to say the least. My first session with the mentorees (yes that’s a word) is next week. I can’t wait to share what an epic mistake allowing me in front of first years is. I don’t mean that, well maybe, lets hope they knew what they were doing choosing me.

Let the fun begin – Obiter

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  1. Teaching students sounds exciting - maybe you should adopt the Glee approach and open with a song? (Sure to get the students on-side!!) :p

    Re. the panic attacks, I found that saying aggressively to myself (out loud) "I can cope, I can do this" over and over again helped to stave them on just enough to get stuff done. It can result in getting some funny looks though! ;-)