Thursday, February 17, 2011

That was interesting…

One of my goals for 2011 was to be a Student Peer Mentor with Torts. I managed to get an interview (after a follow up email regarding my application) and it went really well.. So I must have tanked it.

I spent the night before cramming as much of Torts A back into my head as I could, not so much as a question on trespass was fired in my direction. That’s Ok, actually knowing the elements of detinue off the cuff will be helpful I am sure. . Instead a heap of questions about what it means to be a roll model and mentoring situations were put to me, I think I answered them rather well. Once again, that means I probably babbled incoherently in their direction (there were three of them) for the duration of the interview.

Oh and the moot 'judge' was there. . . The guy from my fist mooting competition, you remember the 'judge' I decided I should thoroughly grill about my performance in my highly inebriated state at the law ball? No well click here and here to catch up.. jeez are only just staring to read my blog or something?

I am pretty sure I caught the 'umm nope, not you, you won't be 'mentoring' anyone' glint in his eye. Anyhow, what is this guy doing on the panel for Mentors AND Moot judging. This must be my little academic green eyed monster coming out.

LCO has been interesting. I have actually managed to secure a paying client for the firm. My client (under the very, very close supervision of Curls of course). After the first appointment listening to his problem I was actually fighting back tears over the situation. Its not a messy family law issue (ewww!) but something that would seem relatively innocuous.

I am a soft touch. I drafted the letter to ZXY about the problem, sent the draft to the solicitor for checking, the feedback I got was 'its not bad or anything, just need to de-fluff it and harden it up'. So I spent the next few hours practising being an asshole without being an asshole via written word. Neat.

I am being sent into court to observe more and more, I have this sinking feeling they are going to drop me in it soon.

10 days until my schedule goes to hell with Uni being back - Obiter

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