Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Damp Hungy & Pissy

Yesterday we were informed that a lecture was to be held today.  Apparently this little piece of news was posted on some obscure little corner of cyber space.  Last night I spent an hour looking for that corner to no avail.  I was pretty sure the mousy woman down the front said the lecture was to be at 1-3.  Being the super excited 1L all to eager to do good I planned on being early. Early is good.
Yesterday I packed an extra shirt in the likely event that I made a grub of myself and needed to change.  I managed to get though the day and not need the shirt.
As I arrived in Carton City it started to pour down, not some pissy drizzly or light raining.  Flash flooding type pouring.  On the way to Carton University I learnt first hand that thongs (the ones you wear on your feet) will get sucked off your foot and leave running down the main road chasing the other thong in some strange hobble/limp.   I was going to need that other shirt.
After milling around the lecture theatre for 10 minutes before and not seeing another sole I figured I was either way too early or at the wrong room.  I went to the Law library (who was running this lecture) to discover that I was 3 hours early – just wonderful.  I had 3 hours to kill with no money and a stomach growling loudly enough get awkward looks from the people around me.  So I spent the time drafting hate mail to the library.
After the two hour lecture on something about legal something (I was too busy thinking about food to pay attention) I was taking to a friend about my plight who informed me that ‘O’ week was full of free food stalls at the front of the campus.  I spent hours commiserating with staving children (yeah I just made that comparison don’t like it leave a comment, you would be the first).  Only to discover that if I had left the library free food was every where.
I spent the day in self deprecating in hunger and dampness – oh this semester is shaping up just brilliantly.
Now dry and less pissy – Obiter

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