Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to Lawschool

I wish I had some interesting post on why orientation was better then picking my nose, but that would be a lie.  I did however badly need to pee, boredom led me to drink copious amounts of water within the first 20 minutes.  It was a long lecture.  Also on either side of me on the combined seating rack were compulsive leg shakers.  Needing to pee on any given day is bad.  Leg shakers are also annoying in any situation.  The combination results in a vibrating bladder that wants to PEE.     
Oh yeah that was fun.
The associate dean of school gave us five archetypes and asked up to identify with one.  This is was I got from the archetypes.
The Phantom: Uses mostly internet media to study.
(I don’t want to got to or I slept though the lectures)
The Friend:  Finds the best study is done in groups.
(travels in cliques, will bitch you down if your opinion does not match theirs)
The Party Animal: At university for the social aspect.
(Can I.. uhh.. Borrow your notes?)
The lecturers Friend: Like to make sure the lecture knows them.
(Does not know grading is blind and that no matter how much you kiss ass it will only boost the ego of the professor not your grades)
The Conscientious: Insures that they are always on top of their studies
(no you cannot ‘borrow’ my notes)
That’s about it. – Obiter

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  1. You are phantom cross conscientious...can I uhhh borrow your notes...damn...will try and be conscientious this year!