Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's rainng coffee?

Coffee + flimsy note top holder + me = DANGER!
As the two chicks in front of me who got sprayed with a jumbo skinny flat white discovered.  My friend the Cackling Magpie then squawked “great way to meet new people Obiter, spill coffee on them and then offer to lick it up – brilliant!
Safe to say they will be giving me a wide space next lecture.  
Today I spent 6 hours trying to wrap my head around the IRAC method on a contracts problem.  I have never been so nervous that I will get into class say my answer will be so poor I get laughed out of the room.  This is freaking intense, in the other degree  with the time and effort I spent today I could have written and polished a 15,000 litterateur review.  All I managed to do in that time was confuse myself and cause some brain cells to explode from frustration.
This was some gold form Tute/Lecture yesterday.
**Girl enters late and sits down**
Prof Dusty:  “Umm hi, you are either ten minutes early or very, very late?”
Random Girl: “Is this not mathematic goobldy goop”
Prof Dusty: “your in the wrong class, these people can't count their fingers”
** as we are doing the ‘introductions’ in the tute **
Private school snob: “I decided to come to this Uni after a year of an arts degree”
Prof Dusty: “So you decided to do a real degree, good choice”
** While going though the introductory guide**
Prof Dusty: I can honestly tell you I was the first person to write this 30 years ago, back then it was a page and a half… Blah blah blah… I asked why we have to put this trash in here…what crap…read it if you get really board and fell the need to read what happens when academic lawyers get board.”

no more coffee in lectures - Obiter

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