Sunday, May 2, 2010

More little wins

Every Wednesday I fantasize about standing a pencil on end and slamming my head on it, Joker in Batman style to end my pain in contracts.

Also I had managed to quit smoking for about 6 months, until after one Wednesday evening it was either break down and cry or suck on a cancer stick, I have since returned to an unhealthy smoking habit, I am not blaming contracts, only showing you the severe emotional distress I encounter though contracts.

Yesterday my marks (worth 25%) came back on the mid-semester exam for contracts, I received a distinction, not a pass or a credit (which I would have been ecstatic about) but a distinction. I knows its only a small portion if my overall mark but now some of the heat is off for the final exam.

The marks for foundations also came back, another distinction.

I have been worrying about being in lawschool though sneaking through the back door, still am. These small tid bits of feedback make me feel better about being in those classess with the super bright OP 1 & 2 kids.

Feeling less crappy - Obiter

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