Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slimy note feind (SNF)

A history of note feind.

last year: In first semester SNF asked if we could get together for a study session around exam time. Being the social person I am we found a time to catch up. After SNF copied all my notes he rushed away without reciprocating. I felt used. Not good used, the bad kinda dirty kind.

In second semester it happened again. I am a sucker.

This year. I received many calls from SNF asking if I could send him my notes for assessment "I will change the answers and stuff so that they are different" Na Ah - twice bitten, third time shy. As a kept finding ways out of it he eventually got the hint.

A few weeks ago he was at the study desk asking some (most likely moronic) question about the library exercise. He saw me and asked "I don't mean to be rude but, have you put on weight?"... Yeah that's the way to get other people to help.. asshole.

Moments ago: He was buddied up with another guy asking questions non stop.

Now if your in law school and are going to try and squeeze an answer for every question without using your own brain, how are you going to function in the big bad world where have to think for yourself???

SNF is an insidious leech and it bugs me.

It is Wicked Wednesday, so back to study for contracts - Obiter

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