Saturday, May 15, 2010

The eye of the storm

All assesment items have been handed in.

It is week 12 of 13, the only thing left to do is 4 tutes, then exams start.

A feeling of quiet serenity has settled, I know this is a false sense of security because in 3 weeks the shit fight that is exam block starts.

A few days ago I had my first advocacy exercise. This is the subject that I really should not be enrolled in, all the skills for this subject are supposed to be learnt in the year before in foundations, not at the same time as I am doing it.

The moot court advocacy has been stressing me out, I am not a public speaker any more, once upon a time getting up in front of 80 people to talk about something sales related was no problem. Last year the typical fear of public speaking took hold, followed by the babbling incoherent verbal dribble.

I spent hours and hours working on this piece, opposing council was a far moreexperanced and probably more articulate, smarter, better dressed and generally better student than I am. I was freaking out.

An email went out to all the students advsing that 'due to amaedmendments, pushing a door that is open will now amount to a 'break' as per the Criminal Code' - this shot my case to hell, just to add an extra layer of 'shit, shit, shit' on my mental frame of mind. So I checked the amenmennts, went to the explaitorty memoranda then to the parlimetary debates. It turns out the amendments affected a differnt part of the section, not the part I was relying on. Opposing council and even the 'judge' did not see this comming.

I won, I won, I won. A 1L beat a 3L. This is freaking ausome!!

So my first moot court is a success, not the painful memory I was expecting it to turn into.

However it is early days yet.

Zorbing - I climbed into a big plastic ball and was pushed down a hill today. Less fun then is sounds, we drove for an hour and half there and back for a 30 second tumble. At least I can add it to sky diving as things I have done - yay for me.

I have to procastiate elsewhere - Obiter ovum

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