Monday, May 24, 2010

On Master Chef

Season 2 of Master Chef is aring.

There are 20 people viaing for the chance to open a place of their own or work in a kitchen. if these people believe that working in a kitchen is the answer to a fulfilling life, I would ask them a few questions:

1. Have you ever opened 20kg of potatoes and and found half of them rotten (that smell is just noxious) and then have to prepare the other half? your fingers actually sink into the the rotten spots as you go through them.

Still want to be a chef?

2. How do you like your social life? Wave goodbye to it.

You still want to be a chef? Really?

3. have a partner? Like to keep your current one? Perhaps you should re-think that, only few full time kitchen workers have relationships with those outside the industry.

Come on *slap* WAKE UP. Working in a kitchen is not like 12 hours of the food net work. Idiot.

Cooking for a living is highly overrated - Obiter

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