Friday, May 28, 2010

Pin the issue on the tort

Yesterday I finally got some marks back for the Torts memorandum.

I passed - just.

Torts issue spotting as a childs game: If issue spotting was like pin the tial on the donkey, pin the issue on the tort, I would have stuck some kids eye out... no... wait that would have been a tort.

I recieved exactly 10/20. with a big fat 0 for correct issue, never before have I recieved a circle around the 'inadequate' colum. My only saving grace was correct structure, argument (for the few bits I did spot) and wrting in general - WTF. My writing has tradtionally been total crap.

I am now closer to passing (yet to have exams) Contracts, my most loathed subject then Torts the one I love.

Teaching is over for the semester is over, the acrid smell of despair has already started to auccumulate in the law libary.

Going to pin somthing to my forehead, most likly a dunce cap - Obiter

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