Thursday, July 8, 2010

Marks are out.

I have neglected to post for no other reason than I can't be assed - It's hollidays, don't judge me.


Marks are out, the day they were posted the only reason I knew about it was some girl ranting about her High Distinction on face book (this girl is nice, and she is super bright.. however at every opportunity she tells anyone who will listen about her marks and I swear her voice gets higher when she does it so more people can hear). My marks were:

Torts A = Credit
Meh, better then a Pass I guess.

Crim = Pass
I passed? really? really really?

Foundations = Credit
I did sooo much work...

Contracts = Credit
Now over all this was the highest credit, WTF, I HATE this subject, I am a smoker again because of freaking offer and acceptance.

Trip to Dubbo (Outback)

I had to do it, I am glad I did it, ecstatic it is over.

However I did learn some interesting local terms

Saddle Frigger: The country guys that come into the big smoke (yeah for them this nowhere town is the city) in their expensive country clothes (just looks like fallenett to me) big boots and belts for a night on the piss before they go back to the farm. Apparently they like to fight.

Buckle Buddy: The chicks that seek out the Saddle Friggers for a night in the hay. Need I say more?

O.K so I have a fairly woggish last name, I know how to pronounce Italian, what I don't get is how some of my relatives (who have have same last name) pronounce it Iiii-talian emphasis on the IIIIII. Seriously.

Mr. Ovum's trip to Europe

I miss my partner (insert 16yr girl old, twilight fan style emotional babble here). On the bright side I think I am getting a real Italian leather wallet woot!

I like wine. I also like comments. Leave me one. - Obiter

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