Tuesday, July 20, 2010

School is back, Mr. Ovum has OCD..

Nothing much interesting as of yet, only had one lecture and one tute.

However, unlike last semester with the tutor who embraced the role of judge the way a 5 year old loves dress up's, this semesters tutor is a real practicing barrister. So very laid back and easy to be in the room with (seriously, last semester this lady would strike fear in the hearts of her students). Instead of making us do the 'call over' he explained what it is in the real world why and how is works, far less intimidating.

Mr. Ovum is back from Europe, in the 3 1/2 weeks he was gone I forgot how obsessive compulsive he is. I am going to trail a new method of dealing with it, I am going to pretend he really does have an undiagnosed case of OCD, and as such a mental illness can't really be helped but more understood...

Going to move the phone cord an eighth of an inch to the left - Obiter

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