Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Its started again.. and I am drinking vodka and reading fiction

Week 1 = lazy me

I have stuff to do, I will do it tomorrow I PROMISE!

Foundations B work is due next Wednesday, normally I would do it the moment it was open to do, I can't be assed.

The head chef is on holidays so I get to work full time this week, as well as study. I have a rule: If you go to Uni though the day and work at night for 8 or more hours, you get the night off. That, and I started a book BEFORE the start of semester so I figure I am allowed to read it. Guilt free.

Tonight I had a run it with the new manager (I used to do his job, he is clearly crap at it) who walked into the kitchen in the middle of service and demanded a steak. I started with being nice, he just back chatted me. Now I am not an angry chef, I am a cool tempered nice guy but there are rules 1. If your in the kitchen - Do exactly what the chef tells you 2. Chef's wear the buttons, no matter where you are, your in our way (I think this is fair, a chef is a tradesman, everybody else is more or less an unskilled worker, harsh but true) 3. NEVER talk back to a chef. This new manager broke all three rules at once so I told him to 'get the fuck out of the kitchen now!'

For the first time in 11 years in hospitality got a speaking to by the owner (granted, he was clearly just going though the motions doing the 'boss' thing, pretty much telling me I was right, just to use a little more tact). The Cackle Berry is starting to get old, how long until I can work in an office?

The faster I finnish this book, the faster I can do real study - Obiter

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