Thursday, September 16, 2010

Down hill dip - before the upswing

It's almost over, only two pieces of assessment left before exams (then the crazy will re-commence).

This week as has been an epic pain in the ass, two massive pieces of assessment and full time work on top of the usual study load, I think I was sick at some point but mind over matter. The only outward sign of illness was losing half my body weight in snot (pretty image yes?). Now a weekend at the beach for Mr. Ovums birthday, alternating between swimming and clobbering myself with the criminal code.

Criminal Advocacy:
On the facts provided my 'client' was screwed, no amount of clicking his heels saying 'there is no place like home' should have kept him out of mental health court. He was a nut case. However I manged to find some obscure case that might help, even the law librarian was stumped as to how to find it, after about half an hour and a few phone calls we got it. A saving grace, while my 'client' would probably have gone to the funny farm court to be on the safe side I think I did a darn good job of the advocacy. One of the judges from the moot court last month complemented me on it (best part of that day). Very pleased with myself right now.

Torts Memo:
The study group split in half became our group for the assessment, we all pulled our weight and worked well together. One of the first positive group work experiences I have had at uni so far.

The 'I want it, I want it, I want it, job':
Survive law school website published an opening for a unique law firm calling for a summer clerk. The catch was the application had to be in creative form. As I like to punish myself I set myself a deadline of a week before applications close because otherwise I would spend the next two weeks doing it, time I have so little of. Part of the application was a hard cover notebook covered in macaroni called the 'mac'book, at the post office the counter lady took bubble wrapping to a whole new form of art, I hope it makes it down in one piece.

Like when you buy a lotto ticket I can now fantasise about the 'dream job' until I hear otherwise (or a massive amount of time lapses without hearing anything). I included this blog as part of the application. I feel good about it one moment and really bad about it the next, not sure if it will work for or against me (see epic inability to proof read before pressing the 'publish' button). Only time will tell.

I want to be like a shark and have the ability to sleep with one half of my brain at a time - Obiter

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  1. "losing half my body weight in snot" - wow... sounds awful. Hope you're feeling better! :-)