Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Law Ball

The Advocacy is due in 5 days, I have not started it yet. I am in the death grip of procrastination.

I am not usually a procrastinator, often things are done at least a few days before they are due to allow for polishing ect, but this time I am bunt out. Alarm was set for 7:00am to get a start on it before leaving for work, but I woke up at 11:00am so that wont be happening..maybe tonight?

About the law ball.

What I read on the invite: Mad hatters party, get dressed up and spend a fortune on a costume.

What it actually said: Mad hatters ball, not fancy dress (but if you really want to you can).

I saw my mistake the morning before the ball, too late. A friends little sister is a artist/make up artist so I commissioned a hat and make up, this coast about 1.5 x the cost of the ticket. There was no way I was not going dressed up.

When I arrived to my relief their was an Alice and a Queen of Hearts and a few top hats floating around, so I was not totally out of place. Unfortunately all the people I know who said they were going did not show up, after wondering around drinking for an hour or so it hit me 'people are going to notice the 'Mad Hatter' has no friends...LONER'. It was about this time I discovered the 'power of the hat' I randomly chose some guys that were in my crim class last semester, Preppy Douche Bag and Co. I know I am a shameless hypocrite - Like I care. It ended up being a blast, the bar tab did not dry up and the after party was a riot. I discovered I make an awesome 'wing man' to be fair it was mostly the power of the hat. However before my eyesight went to crap did make a few observations.

Cigars: There was a group of about 5 guys smoking cigars, rolling them in their mouths and generally being pretentious... really...later in the evening I think I may have mentioned to them that was a pretty 'toolific' thing to do. Yes I have no tact - Like I care.

State schools: The conversation eventually got to 'what school did you go to?' the general reply was "grammar, all boys X, all girls X, or some other pretentious school' when the question was directed to me my initial response was (this is a total defence mechanism) 'lets not talk about that, what does it matter anyway?) after more grilling I divulged the dingy state school where nobody can get expelled as it was the last school that would take anyone. I actually got met with disapproving looks... twats, I managed to twist some humor into it but seriously what a twatty thing to do.

Girls got trashy: Like wow, trashy. When I got sick of the 'do you have a girl friend?, so whats the name of your girl friend?' crap I let out I was gay and have had a partner for three years (*gay math 1o1: three years in our world is a big deal, about 6 year equivalent for straight couples). That was met with such acceptance that it made my heart fill with hope for the future.

Gay conversation: I tend not to let on about that aspect of my personal life mostly because it does not define me AND when I do, the conversation tends to center around it for quite some time or comes back to it often, and I hate that. I would very much like to have a phamplett that reads 'So you have met a real live gay person, things you would like to know'. The other part of that is once is gets around I get questions like "Oooh I have always wanted a gay friend, will you be our friend?' I shit you not, people ask this. We are not collectors items, get lost. When I am in the right mood the response could be to the effect of "and I always wanted a skanky bimbo, lets go shopping!'

Did I really just do that?: the moot court judges from a few weeks ago were students, who were there. At the after party I took it upon myself to grill one of them...yep no shame(probably the state school in me comming out), I think I got away with it because of the hat.

All in all it was a ... ball... yep I just took the low road to humor. - Obiter

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  1. Oh! In the U.S., it's called Barrister's Ball. BUT IT IS NOT AT ALL AS COOL AS YOURS! I would love that theme. But people do get extremely trashed. I think it would be easier to get away with things though in a very fancy hat :)