Sunday, September 5, 2010

What is stress and pressure?

Stress and pressure is:

1 x Client File
1 x Research log
2 x Client Memo
1 x Advocasy
1 x Criminal back up

All due in the next two weeks. I would be on edge as it is with all that due, but to top it off, Mr. Ovum wants to go away for three days for his birthday. I have had to shuffle my working days to get the weekend off, this means on the week most of the stuff is due I am working full time. Last semester I took time off and it finacially screwed me, unlike most of my fellow students, I am not getting a cent of help from the government (who recognise gay couples only so far as to not entitle us to help if we are de'facto - thanks..) so I have to support myself 100%. I have family commitments thown in there as well. I am on the verge of a melt down..

On the other hand I went to the law ball... I promise to blog ALL ABOUT THAT later (some twats were honest to god smoking cigars and gwaffling)

Feel like I have been micowaved - Obiter

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