Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Umbrella's messed up my day, in a big way

Tall people + short people with umbrella's = DANGER, DANGER.

When I looked out the window the sun shining, puppies frolicking and kittens playing. I thought it would be safe to go to uni in sandals (the city is a slippery hazard in sandals when wet). I stepped off the bus and the heavens opened up and the umbrellas came out. I am not freaky tall at 6'3 but tall enough for my eyes to be in real danger of low hanging umbrella's.

Half way to uni some little lady decided to swing her umbrella in my direction, to avoid my eye being stuck out I tried to duck. In the rain, in my sandals. I went ass over head, with my laptop in by backpack. Its all broken *really, really sad face*.

At least I got a high distinction to even out my day.

Have a nice scotch now, goon was just not going to cut it after today - Obiter


  1. wow... that's terrible... is the laptop repairable?

    Going A over T is never good but when there's expensive damage done, it's particularly tough to bounce back from.

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