Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week 3 - yet to have an attack of the crazies

Week three is almost over, things are going really well, too well?

Torts B:

Today my tutor looked like she was fresh from a safari, I think she drinks tea, you know, she just has that 'look'.

I have somehow managed to stay on top of the readings, cases and understood the legislation, this semester I am doing my own outline. So far it has been working really well, who knew actually doing the work from scratch would be so helpful...?

Foundations B:

This semester is all about legal research and writing, not substantive law. What a relief, it frees up time for more guilt laden procrastiation.

Contracts B:

So here we are again, contracts. I loath contracts with every fiber of my being. I have a much better tutor this semester, to the point where I actually understand what she is talking about. My class is Monday morning from 9-11, my week really is all down hill from there, thats a plus.

Criminal B:

Not much to report here. This week instead of having a contract tute we had an online exercise thing, it is a series of videos followed by multichoice questions. My only isse with the videos is that they were made in the last 80's by students with thick Aussie accents (seriously we don't sound like that ... 'ay mate') and mullets.


I go there, I get paid to play with kinves, I go home.

A few days ago I downloaded (and paid for!) the new Scissor Sisters album, it freaking rocks!! Loaded with enuendo.

Any Which Way - ... no talk of commitment when I recieve your shipment ...

I have a Contracts book to slam against my shell - Obiter

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  1. Contracts does suck, but I HATED Probate and Estate Planning so much that my head tries to explode when I mention it.
    Paralegal Hell