Monday, August 23, 2010

There are two ways to look at this:

Losing my first competition moot court can lead to two conclusions

1: It was a complete waste of a week, I am now behind on eveything becuase of the time and effort I devoted to the moot.


2: I now know what I need to imporve on for the next one (it was very, very close. the judges took 15 minutes to work out who should win), losing could give me the motivation to really ace it next time. Feedback included:

- I talk too fast (I swear, I have been told this since I could talk, I am on this earth to learn how to slow down)
- More structure to the arguement
- I have a great 'court'
- I make good eye contact
- Don't read off a script

I can't choose, it is still to fresh in my mind that I lost and apparently I hate losing...

Now to do the neglected torts, contracts, foundations and crim work (was it really worth it?) - Obiter

1 comment:

  1. Learning from experience is a crucial skill for great lawyers! :-) (so def. option 2)